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Understand the Top Menu & Dashboard
Understand the Top Menu & Dashboard

Understand what you can do within the various menu options within Caredove.

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Help get acquainted with the key menus within the Caredove platform.

First up, see the top menu tutorial. ⤵

More interested in the Dashboard overview? We've got that too. ⤵

Don't have time to watch a video? Walk through the basics.  ⤵

  • Home: this overviews your personal user information such as the search sites you have access to, your permissions at every agency you have access to, and which email notifications you will receive.

  • Search: this displays the search sites you have mostly visited to make it easier to navigate to them when you're not under the Home menu option.

  • Listings: this is where your agency's service listings are housed, where they can edited, updated, and added. Only Organization Administrators and Listings Managers see this menu option.

  • Calendar: this is where provider's can add their available intake times, and/or book directly within the calendar. Only users with Calendar permissions can see this menu option.

  • Referrals: this displays all of your referrals that you received (or sent); if you're a Referral Delegate you'll also be able to see the other referrals received at your agency by your colleagues.

  • Permissions: this displays all the users who have access to, or are associated with, your agency on the platform.

  • Reports: this is how you generate several pre-defined reports based on your agency's referrals. Only Organization Administrators see this menu option.

  • Settings: this is how you adjust organizational settings such as calendar elements, referability of listings, referral retention periods, and more. Only Organization Administrators see this menu option.

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