What is an Organization? In Caredove, an Organization is the Agency or Company where you work. This can be a hospital site, society, or a branch. (e.g., Alzheimer Society of Muskoka, North Hamilton Community Health Centre).  

What is an Organization Administrator?  This permission is the most important in Caredove. It is a user who is responsible for the administration of your organization's Caredove account. This means they have permission to invite other people to have a Caredove account for the organization. Typically, the Organization Administrator will only add or edit staff members at their own organization, choosing from the permissions below. 

Who should be the Organization Administrator? Caredove suggests that a manager, director or executive assistant hold this permission. The person should be familiar with the whole organization, including its employees and services/programs offered. They need to know when to invite others to Caredove, and we recommend having a secondary Organization Administrator.

Note: The Referral Delegate permission is not required to view one's own referrals. This permission enables the user to view ALL referrals. 

Tip: If the user is only sending referrals, add the user with no permissions.  

     Learn how to Specify Permissions in your Network

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