Create Recurring Appointments

Learn how to add repeating intake appointment timeslots in Caredove.

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To avoid the timely process of adding individual open appointment time slots, learn how to easily create recurring appointment time slots in Caredove. This will allow you to set your schedule once, and allow the calendar to populate the appointments for you.

Navigate to your Calendar in the top menu.

  1. Select the + Add new entry button on the day of the week you want the recurrence to start.

  2. Set the appointment details. (Note: time slot is the starting time of the appointment.)

  3. Make sure the Repeats box is checked, to select the days this recurrence will occur, and set an end date if needed.

  4. When you’re done, select the Create button at the bottom to save your recurring open appointments.

Can you provide more than one service?

e.g. you can provide intake for both Meals on Wheels, as well as Transportation services.

When creating your appointment times, under Service Options (and Shared Service Options, if applicable) select the services that you provide.

When you select multiple options it will look like this:

Tip: Did you make a mistake? No worries, you can Edit or Delete your recurrences.

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