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Learn how to add or edit your organization's services to Caredove.

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Listings are the bread and butter of Caredove. Without them, your organization won't receive referrals, but they can be tricky to craft. Read the how-to below. 

Navigate to Listings in the top menu, this will display all of the organization's listings/services.

How to add a Listing:  

  1. Select the Add Listing button.

  2. Start by selecting a service category. (Notice the brief description of the selected service category appears when you hover over the category.) 

You can read more here Add your Organization's Services

If you have a Caredove Calendar, a box will appear that prompts you to fill out calendar information. Select Next when this is completed. (If you do not have a Calendar, this will not appear.)

How to edit a Listing:

  1. Scroll to find the Listing you would like to edit

  2. When you hover over the listing, you will notice the option to Edit.

You can read more about Editing Listings here.

How to configure the Coverage Area:

If your service is area based, i.e. in-home services, or Meals on Wheels, you will first be prompted to Configure Coverage Area

How to specify a Target Population:

Use the target population field to describe a population that a program is particularly focused on.

How to write Service Descriptions:

Service descriptions are the first thing people looking for service will read. It is really important that this quickly conveys the most important aspects of the service.

How to configure Eligibility: 

If not everyone meets the necessary conditions to receive your service, the eligibility field is where you can be crystal clear about what qualities clients MUST have or must NOT have.

Once you have completed all of the relevant fields on the screen, be sure to select Save at the bottom of the page. You have now successfully added a service to your organization.

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