Configure Calendar Settings

Update your calendar settings and streamline intake.

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The calendar has many different settings that can be adjusted to your organization's needs. As the Organization Administrator, you can configure these settings. 

Navigate to Settings in the top menu and select the Calendar tab. Each Calendar configured in Caredove can have its own settings.  

Caution: these settings apply to all services associated with the calendar.

Lead Time

Having trouble getting to same-day appointments, or having appointments booked with very little notice? Try adjusting your lead time. Lead time allows you to configure how close to the time slot the appointment can be booked.

Appointment Locations

Specify the location at which appointments are provided. 

Edit Content and Behaviour of Emails and Handouts

Customize the content of reminders, emails and handouts given to registrants. 

Appointment Notifications

Customize appointment notifications and configure personal email notifications. 

Appointment Options

Appointment Options are used by referrers and registrants to filter time slots for specific characteristics (e.g. "Available in French").

Referral Options

Referral Options are included in the referral form as selectable checkboxes (e.g. "Requires Transportation").

Outcome Options

Track different outcome options, using selectable checkboxes available when closing an appointment.

Appointment Areas 

Optional coverage areas that restrict where you provide appointments. Appointments will be displayed for addresses that are within the appointment and the service coverage area. Note: Contact Caredove if you wish to add Appointment Areas.

Generate Recurring Time Slots

This setting enables you to set a timeline for a number of days into the future for which you and members of the public can view your appointments.


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