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Schedule & Manage Group Events, Workshops or Classes

Learn how to set up Group Appointment time slots for workshops or classes and how to manage attendance lists.

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If your organization offers events, group classes or workshops where space is limited, you can easily publish class registration information and manage waitlists in Caredove.

Setting Up The Class Details & Registration

First, navigate to Listings and create each class as a separate listing. In most cases, you will likely select Health Education Classes, Support Groups, Fitness Classes or other group-based activities. If the classes are only run a few months out of the year, the listing can be suspended at any time.

Tip: Be clear in your service description and location. Be sure to name the service so that you can easily recognize it later on. If the service is offered at more than one location, two listings are required. In these cases, we recommend adding the location to the service title, e.g., "Senior Fitness Class - Main Street" or "Craving Change - Main Campus".

In the status bar or description, indicate how many recurring classes there are, e.g., "Every Tuesday at 5 pm for 6 weeks". 

Next, navigate to Calendar, select New Entry and choose Group as the event type. Make sure to specify: 

  • Time of event & class start date

  • Provider

  • Location of event

  • Number of open slots & if you want to enable a waitlist

  • Brief description of class schedule

If it is a recurring weekly event, we recommend that you only set up one event in the calendar, on the start date of the workshop or class, in order for attendees to register for the entire class.

Managing the Attendance List

From the Calendar, you can view the attendance list at any time by selecting the appointment time. From here, you can:

  • add another registrant to the list by selecting the next available Open slot

  • view the information of each registrant

  • print out a group list to take attendance at the beginning of class

  • send reminder emails 

To customize your automatic Emails and Handouts by navigating to Settings and select the relevant Calendar. Scrolling through the page, you can change the name of your group events, manage registrant reminder emails, and customize any outgoing emails or handout messaging.

Want To Enable Class Registration Directly From Your Website?

That's easy! Contact the Caredove team by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen and ask about embedding sign-up buttons on your website. 

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