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Set-up Facility Tours in Caredove

Is the first step of your intake process a tour? Configure Caredove to manage your tour schedule.

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To start, add a listing and a title, such as "ABC Rec Centre Tour" for the relevant service. Common categories in Caredove that might offer tours are:

  • adult day programs

  • nursing or retirement home 

  • clinics or residential rehab centres

  • recreation and community centres 

Tip: Be clear in your tour description and location. Be sure to name the service so that you can easily recognize it later on. If the tour is offered at more than one location, two listings are required. In these cases, we recommend adding the location to the service title.

Next, enable your referring settings. For tours, this is our suggested setting:

Now, set up your available tour times. If you are offering this tour in a group setting, configure a group appointment, otherwise, add your recurring calendar appointment

Tip: Appointment Location should always be On-site Visit, or a custom address. You are offering a tour after all. 

Lastly, consider editing Emails and Handouts. Navigate to Settings, select the relevant Calendar. Scrolling through the page, you can change the name of your group events, manage registrant reminder emails, and customize any outgoing emails or handout messaging. Some messaging might include:

  • use the North East Door and meet at the ABC statue

  • please arrive 5 minutes early

  • the Rec centre is a scent free environment 

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