What is Caredove?

Here for the first time? Learn how the platform can help connect clients with care and why it streamlines intake processes!

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Get Started with Key Features

Understanding the key features and basic functions of Caredove.

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Curate Caredove Listings to Receive Referrals

Describe, Edit and Manage the services that your organization provides. Get found in search results. Get Referrals.

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Receiving & Sending eReferrals

View and manage your Caredove referral inbox and outbox.

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Receive Booked Referrals with Caredove Calendars

Create, Configure and Manage your service availability. Streamline your intake process. *Premium Feature*

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Streamline Intake with Workflow

Manage how your workflow displays in the Referral Inbox.

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Using Caredove Internally

How to streamline your intake processes internally using Caredove

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Best Practices

We have identified some best practices for using the platform.

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Customize Settings and Manage User Permissions

Learn how to configure Caredove for your Organizational needs.

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Something not right?

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Answers regional, and/or specific, privacy questions.

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Manage your network and view data reports

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Developer Integrations

Embedding useful integrations as a webmaster.

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