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Virtual Workshops

Learn how to create, populate, and review workshops.

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You probably already know how to set up virtual appointments, and how to create group appointments. But what about virtual group appointments? Sharing a virtual (e.g. Zoom or Teams) link with multiple registrants in a group setting is a little different than with an individual.

Is this your first time setting up a group workshop or event?

If you are using our Caredove + Zoom integration, please note that the integration does not work for group appointments. Follow the instructions below for managing a virtual group appointment.

Create Virtual Workshop or Group Appointments

  1. Navigate to the relevant calendar and select Add New Entry.

  2. Follow the instructions for Creating a Group Appointment.

Sharing Your Virtual Link With Registrants

Option 1: Share the meeting link directly in the Location description

This link will be shown on the service information page, visible to people before they register for the group. If this is a broad, open group, this is a good, low barrier process.

In the Location dropdown, instead of choosing "On-Site Visit", or your personal Zoom integration option, select "Custom Address". This will allow you to paste your virtual meeting link URL in a new field.

Option 2: Share the virtual link with registrants after they've registered

Don't want to share your meeting link until closer to the event time? No problem! Follow these instructions to send a custom email to all registrants with the virtual link before the event.

When creating your event, select "Virtual Visit" as the Location.

You can include instructions in the email reminder to indicate that the link will be shared shortly before the event.

Once your group is full and your virtual event is around the corner, you can send a custom email message to all group registrants.

  1. Open your group event.

  2. At the bottom of the window, click the Email icon.

  3. Select Add custom message and paste in the Virtual Meeting link. This will send a reminder email with a custom note such as:

Looking forward to meeting you on Wednesday! 
Join Zoom Meeting:

Pro tip: Following the workshop, it's a good idea to navigate into Caredove and set an outcome to indicate which registrants did or did not attend.

Have more questions?

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