Create and Manage Appointment Availability

Best practices for managing your scheduling availability to streamline client referrals and avoid the hassles of playing phone tag.

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If your organization has Direct Booking enabled it's essential to set your availability. This article will demonstrate how to set your schedule and allow the calendar to populate client appointments for you.

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💡 Tip - These settings are available to:

  • Users with Organization Admin, Calendar Delegate, or Calendar Provider permissions.

  • Organizations on the Caredove Essential, Advanced, or Enterprise plans.

Why add scheduling availability to Caredove?

  • Save your organization time by encouraging clients to book appointments directly.

  • Avoid the hassles of playing phone tag with clients to initiate scheduling.

  • Screening questions automatically qualify eligible clients for your service.

  • Reduce the need for office intervention by empowering clients to schedule appointments at their convenience, and cancel or reschedule if needed.

  • No mystery for clients on where, when, or who is supporting their appointment.

Set Appointment Availability

  1. Navigate to your Calendar in the top menu.

  2. Select the + Add new entry button.

Adjust the Appointment settings and details:

Type: Individual

Select if services apply to one client.

Type: Group

Select if services or events are hosted for 1+ clients.


Enter the starting time of the appointment.


Enter the length of the appointment or event.

Recurrences ⭐️

Best practice: select the repeats box, the days the recurrence will occur, and enter an end date. This allows you to set your schedule once and then the calendar will populate appointments for you.

Do not select the repeats box if you want the appointment availability to occur one time only.

Provided by

Select the Caredove users that provide this service to clients.

Set Booking Options

Select the Location where the service will take place:

Home visit to registrant

The service provider travels to the registrant's home to conduct the necessary appointments.

On-site visit

The registrant comes to the location listed in the Service settings.

Phone call to registrant

Remote phone call between the service provider and the registrant.

Virtual visit

Using online communication tools such as video calls or conferencing platforms to conduct appointments.

🚨 Important: If Virtual is selected and your organization does not have the Zoom add-on you will be responsible for supplying a video link to your client.

*To enable this setting please contact us via the chat box.

Custom Address

Flexibility in choosing the location for the appointment or service.

Set Service Options

Link the Service or multiple services the provider can facilitate with this availability:

When complete, select the Create button at the bottom to save.

Best Practices for Efficient Availability Management

  1. Regularly Manage Availability:

    • Keep your Caredove calendar up to date by regularly managing your availability.

    • Ensure that listed times accurately reflect when you can engage with clients.

  2. Utilize Recurring Availability:

    • Set up recurring availability for key times on your Caredove calendar to simplify the appointment scheduling process.

    • This helps clients know when you are consistently available, reducing back-and-forth communication.

  3. 3x Availability Rule

    • Maintain at least three times as many available intake appointments in your Caredove calendar as the number of new client referrals you receive in a week. This ensures ample availability for incoming referrals and minimizes delays in scheduling.

FAQ: Appointment Availability and Scheduling Settings

Please visit our Appointment Availability and Settings FAQs to find answers to questions:

Need Assistance?

If you're unsure about setting up appointment availability or making real-time adjustments on Caredove, our team is here to help! Connect with us in the chat box on your Caredove system and we'll provide the support you need to optimize your availability and streamline your client referral process. 😄

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