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Scheduling Staff - Refer Internally
Scheduling Staff - Refer Internally

Ensure staff never put new clients into voicemail.

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Your schedulers and intake staff may receive calls from new or existing clients inquiring about service.  If they are passing these people to individual staff phone extensions, then it's time to consider booking in the Caredove Calendar that they already have access to. This streamlines referrals by removing voicemail, phone tag, and dramatically improves admission rates. 

Send an Internal Referral

  1. Navigate to Calendar in the top menu.

  2. Sort based on the service requested.

  3. Select an Open time slot (displayed in green) and select Book for the full eReferral form or Quick Book for a simplified registration. 

Configure Staff Account

Invite the staff member and determine their appropriate permissions.
We recommend Calendar Book Only permissions. 

Note: Is the client's address outside of your organization's coverage area? Select the Network Search Site to search across all organizations. 

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