Appointment Availability and Scheduling Settings FAQ
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Common questions the Caredove team receives on appointment availability and scheduling settings:

  1. How can I edit appointment scheduling availability?

    • Click on the Calendar option in the top menu.

    • Choose one of the appointments by selecting Open.

    • Select the edit (pen) button.

    • Select if you would like to edit one or all appointments in the series.

    • Select edit and make changes to the original appointment availability details.

    • Select save.

  2. How can I delete or edit all appointments in a recurring series?

    • Click on the Calendar option in the top menu.

    • Go to the Recurrences tab.

    • Hover over the recurring appointments that you would like to remove and select the x that appears on the right.

    • Select Continue.

  3. How can we enable multiple location options for client appointment preferences?

    • This is a feature that needs to be enabled by the Caredove team. We ask that you request this feature using the Chat Box and specify if you need Phone Calls or Virtual methods added to your system.

    • Once enabled, you will see the new appointment Location options when you create or edit an appointment.

    • Now there will be a unique icon beside these open time slots identifying there are multiple location options.

    • When a client books one of these time slots, they will be prompted to pick from one of your identified methods:

    🚨 Important: If Virtual is selected and your organization does not have the Zoom add-on you will be responsible for supplying a video link to your client.

  4. How can Zoom directly integrate into Virtual Appointments?

    • We ask that you reach out to Caredove via our Chat box to inquire about this add-on feature. This is only available to customers subscribed to the advanced plan.

  5. How can I adjust the visibility of recurring time slots in Caredove beyond the default 60 days into the future?

    • Users with the Organization Admin permission can change the default setting.

    • Navigate to Settings in the top menu.

    • Select the appropriate Calendar in the drop-down.

    • Find the Generate Recurring Time Slots setting.

    • Enter the number of days you would like to view recurring time slots in the future, which will change the default of 60 days.

    🚨 Important: Please make changes with caution as these settings apply to all services associated with the calendar.

If you have any questions or feedback our team is here to help!

Connect with us in the chat box and we'll provide the support you need 😄

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