Lookup and Reset Bouncing Email Addresses

Organization Administrator: View email addresses that have bounced and learn how to resend them.

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On rare occasions, an email from Caredove will not be received by the recipient because it has bounced. There are many reasons for bounced emails, including an incorrect email address or a full email inbox. When an email has bounced once, Caredove prevents further emails from being sent to this address. Caredove now enables you to view email addresses that have been bounced so you can fix the underlying problem. 

Start by navigating to Permissions, then select the user account. 

In this example, the email invite to xyz4@caredove.com bounced as indicated by the red button. This means that they did not receive the invite to Caredove.

By selecting the circular arrow icon, you will receive more information about the bounce. In this case, we can see the reason for the bounce; the recipient was not found by the SMTP address lookup. You can now take further action to fix the problem (i.e., fix the incorrect email address, ask the individual to increase the storage in their inbox etc.) 

If the email address is correct, then, select Remove this email suppression. The user will now successfully receive emails from Caredove. 

Note: Be sure to add Caredove to your safe senders list. 

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