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Organization Administrators - Learn how to add new users to your organization.

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Only Organization Administrators have permission to invite new users to an organization in Caredove.

Get started by navigating to Permissions from the top menu.

  1. Select the blue Add User button.

  2. Enter the new user's email address and name at the top.

  3. Specify the permissions that you would like the user to obtain.

  4. When you are finished, select Save. An e-mail will be sent to the address you entered with an invitation. 

Note: The Referral Delegate permission is not required to view one's own referrals. This permission enables the user to view ALL of the organization's referrals so it must be treated with the utmost amount of care.

Tip: If you have questions about your permissions or want to be invited, contacting your Organization Administrator is the best place to start.

Should you, or a colleague of yours, belong to more than one organization within Caredove? 

i.e. the parent organization has more than one local branch and they provide services at several locations. Good news! You, or they, can be added as an External User to additional organizations.

What's an External User?

An external user is someone who has access or permissions to more than one organization within Caredove. They will have one organization listed as their Employer (what is their Primary Organization) but will be able to access and navigate through another. This ensures departments and/or branches can be kept separate while referral management can remain effective. We make it easy to switch between organizations as well. 

If a user is external to an organization, they will have an External label on their name within the organization. 

Tip: If the user is only sending referrals, add the user with no permissions.  This will enable Network Referrer permissions only. 

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