Configure Notifications for Non-Booked Referrals

Organization Administrator: Learn how to assign individuals to receive notifications for non-booked referrals.

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All non-booked notifications are sent to users with Referral Delegate permissions at the recipient organization (unlike booked referrals where email notifications are sent to the appointment provider). To receive notifications for non-booked referrals, simply add Referral delegate permissions for the relevant users.

To configure a specific user to receive non-booked notifications for services in a calendar:

  1. Navigate to Settings in the top menu, and select Referrals from the drop-down. 

  2. Scroll to the Non-Booked Notifications section.

  3. Select "Users" to specify a receiver of non-booked referrals for that calendar.

  4. Type the name of the user into the text box. The changes automatically save in Caredove.

Note: If you have more than one Caredove Calendars enabled with different services assigned to each of them, then you can assign different users to receive notifications for each calendar.

Tip: If staff members are still receiving incorrect notifications, we have a recommendation.

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