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Why are the wrong people notified of an appointment?
Why are the wrong people notified of an appointment?

Read on to understand why some staff may be receiving email notifications that aren't relevant to them.

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There are a few reasons a staff member may receive an email for a referral that's not assigned to them.


The biggest reason is that the staff member who should be receiving those notifications doesn't have appointments set up.


Set up intake appointments. No really, it's that simple. Once you have dates and times for people to refer to, the chances of you receiving a high-quality referral increase tenfold. Our recommendation? Ensure you set up recurring appointments, once you select when you're available, our system automatically adds those appointments into the future. (Worried you may not always be available at the same time? Deleting a few appointments from a recurrent series is a breeze.)

Have appointment times been set up but other staff are still receiving the wrong notifications?

Ask your organization administrator to review your No-Provider Notifications under Referral Settings. This determines who receives those notifications and may need some realignment. 

Tried all of the above and you're still not experiencing correct behaviour? Send us a message via the chat box and we will troubleshoot together. 👍 

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