Manage Non-Booked Referrals

Learn what do to when your organization receives a non-booked referral.

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Ideally, all referrals are booked by the referrer, but sometimes the available intake times do not work for the client being referred. In those cases, you may want to accommodate the client by allowing a non-booked referral

What is a Non-Booked Referral? 

A non-booked referral is a submitted referral that is not associated with a date and time. This means that at the time of referral submission, neither the registrant nor the provider knows when they will connect, but they both know that they will connect. 

You can configure which services are able to receive non-booked referrals, learn how to enable non-booked referrals here

Configure Notifications for Non-Booked Referrals

All non-booked notifications are sent to users with Referral Delegate permissions at the recipient organization (unlike booked referrals where email notifications are sent to the appointment provider). To receive notifications for non-booked referrals, simply add Referral delegate permissions to the relevant users.

Alternatively, you can configure specific users to receive these notifications instead of all Referral Delegates. Learn how to configure specific users to receive non-booked notification here. 

Process a Non-Booked Referral

If you receive a non-booked referral then a member of your team should contact the registrant within 24-hours to set up the next steps, such as booking a time slot or setting an outcome for the referral in Caredove. These updates will be visible to the referrer.

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