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Managing User Permissions

Organization Administrator: Learn how to modify user accounts.

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As an Organization Administrator, you can assign/edit permissions and suspend or deactivate accounts for the members of your organization. Detailed information on the available permissions in Caredove can be found here.

To maintain security only grant users the permissions necessary for their specific roles and responsibilities.

Changing Permissions:

  • Navigate to Permissions in the top menu where members are listed with their current permission level.

  • Find the name of the person whose permissions you wish to change. Hover over the user and click on the 3-dot menu that appears on the right side.

  • Select "Change Permission" from the drop down menu. A dialogue box will appear where you can update permissions.

  • After making the necessary changes, click "Save" at the bottom of the dialogue box to apply the updates.

What are the Premium Permissions?

Premium permissions are those that relate to handling inbound referrals at an organization. These include:

  1. Calendar Provider

  2. Calendar Delegate

  3. Referral Delegate

A user with any of the premium permissions listed above will be counted as a Premium User. Premium users will have a star beside their name in the user permissions list.

When should a user be "Suspended"?

Suspending a user promptly removes access rights for a user. Use this primarily for short term privacy or security concerns such as when:

  • Access should be removed due to company policy violations.

  • You must quickly mitigate risks associated with compromised credentials or suspected security breaches​​.

A suspended user remains counted in the Premium User total and visibly on the organizations main permissions list. Suspensions are typically short term in nature.

A suspended user can be easily restored from the 3-dot menu.

When should a user be "Deactivated"?

Deactivating a user removes all access rights for a user, and is used when:

  • the person is no longer employed at the organization, or;

  • the person has moved to a role that does not involve use of Caredove.

A deactivated user does not count in the Premium User total and is only visible on the deactivated user list.

A deactivated user can be easily reactivated from the 3-dot menu which will result in them being re-invited to the platform and will function as a new user from that point.

How do I manage leaves of absence?

Sometimes people take a leave of absence, such a a parental leave, sabbatical, or for health reasons. In these cases the best practice is to neither suspend or deactivate the user, rather, remove any premium permissions they may have, so as the eliminate their count in the Premium User total. (Premium permissions are listed above. )

Remove Premium Permissions to exclude people on a leave of absence from your organization's Premium User count.

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