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Share Availability of Multiple Languages

Communicate that you have multilingual service availability.

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Allow language options to be clear within a listing and registrants to indicate in which language they'd like to receive service.

To start, add or edit the Listing to ensure the Languages field is complete with your offered languages.

Next, configure appointment options. This will enable the referrer to sort the available intake appointments based on language offered. 

Note: Be sure to edit your recurring appointments to include the new appointment option.

Now, check your referral form. Most eReferral forms have a section about preferred language and/or if an interpreter is required (shown below). If "Other" is selected, they'll be able to select from a substantial drop-down list. Send a test referral to see how it works. 

Tip: We recommend viewers or referrers use the Google Translate function found at the bottom of the Caredove site; those who frequent the internet tend to know about, or look for, this feature. 

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