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Unreceived Emails

Why am I not receiving emails from Caredove?

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Written by Rachel Shelswell
Updated over a week ago

When you're not receiving daily Caredove related emails, there may be an issue with your email address on your profile. 

Starting at your Dashboard, confirm that the email address listed is accurate (i.e. proper spelling, domain and ends with .com or .ca). Look beside your email address to see if a red box stating "Email Bounces" is appearing. If it is, slide your cursor to the right hand side and select the circular arrow. Upon hovering, "Check Suppression Status" should appear. 

The pop-over indicates if there are any email suppression issues. Click Remove this email suppression to whitelist your email address and resolve the email issues.

Next, navigate to the Email Notifications tabs to configure your email settings.

Tip: Add Caredove to your safe senders list. 

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