Caredove is a browser based application, thus no software installation is required to use Caredove.

Browser: Caredove works with all popular modern browsers (Explorer 11+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome). Caredove connects via HTTPS. Cookies must be enabled for Caredove to work properly for logged in users.

Software: To download referrals, users can copy/paste a custom output, or download as a PDF (for which a PDF reader is required, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader). APIs are also available for integration into other software solutions.

Display: Most Caredove pages work on any screen size (including mobile and tablets).

Mobile: Caredove is currently tested with the latest WebKit based browsers (e.g., iPhone Safari), and should work on any modern smartphone browsers.

Pro Tip: If Caredove starts to load slowly or offer a "page cannot be displayed" error, try clearing your cookies and cache and refreshing the page. If you're still having trouble, contact us using the messenger on bottom right of every screen.

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