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Troubleshoot a Slow or Unresponsive Site
Troubleshoot a Slow or Unresponsive Site

Scenario: You are navigating Caredove and find that loading pages or performing actions is taking longer than normal.

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Q: Caredove is acting slow ... why?

A: Well - it can be complicated, and it's not necessarily the same thing for any given experience. While most customers users won't experience slowdowns in Caredove, if you use Caredove regularly you may come across a hiccup from time to time. 

First of all, we are constantly trying to improve and appreciate all of your feedback, which helps us dramatically to make things better. Don't hesitate to let us know if you're running into performance issues!

Second, when you do report performance issues, it's likely that we then pepper you with a bunch of questions. We don't want that to feel overwhelming, so we've written this article to explain some potential sources of slowdowns to help you help us help you (that's a lots of helps!). The more we understand together, the faster we can improve it.

Here are the 4 main potential sources of slowdowns:

Local slowdowns 

Some slowdowns are due to your local environment separate from Caredove, such as slow computers, slow wifi, slow local internet, browser erratic-ness, etc.. These are generally very hard for us to diagnose as they are completely invisible to us. 

For these problems, we will usually ask you to try an internet speed test, visiting a diagnostics page, or trying Caredove in a private/incognito browser window.  

Server slowdowns

Sometimes the server might have a temporary surge in activity, resulting in a temporary slowdown for all of our users. Usually this resolves itself after a few minutes. These issues we can often detect, then follow up with some change to prevent or optimize. When a random action takes 2 minutes (in a way you don’t normally experience), it is usually this kind of issue. 

For this type of issue, it’s helpful to know what exact time the action happened, and what exactly you were doing (such as the URL you were on, and actions you were performing).

Application Slowdowns

Some pages always feel slow or are slow because they are presenting a lot of data. This will show consistently slow behaviour when you repeat the same action. We are always actively working on page optimization in Caredove because ... faster is better than slow! However, your feedback is always appreciated on this as it helps us ensure that our optimization activities are focused on where our customers have the greatest needs. 

For this type of issue, it’s helpful to know which page is consistently loading slow.

Action Slowdowns

An action slowdown is when a specific action takes a long time (e.g., saving a referral, editing a referral, etc…). When this happens consistently in a repeatable manner, this is usually a bug of some sort and is the easiest type of issue to fix. In order to diagnose this type of issue, we do need specific instructions on what was done in the application to be able to reproduce it on our end. 

For this type of issue, it’s helpful to know exactly what steps were taken, and if you can reproduce it.

The most common requests you will receive from our team:

Wow! That was a long read - thanks for sticking with us. 

You can always reach us using our chat box. 

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