Creating New Service Listings

Adding new service listings and editing service details.

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Service listings play a crucial role in streamlining and centralizing service information within your organization. By consolidating these details, you reduce needing to change service details on multiple platforms and enhance the overall accessibility of up-to-date information for everyone.

As you create new service listings consider if each service should be directly bookable by the clients, internal team members, or just provided at an informational level.

To add a new Service Listing:

  1. Navigate to the Listings page in the top menu. This page will display all active (green dot ๐ŸŸข) or inactive (red dot ๐Ÿ”ด) services created by your organization.

  2. Select the blue Add Listing button if this is a new service.

  3. Choose the Category that best reflects how clients or team members will search for this service. Hover over each category to see a full description.

    • ๐Ÿ  A house icon indicates an Area-Based service category meaning that the service is typically provided within a specific geographical boundary, often involving visits to the client's home.

    • No house icon indicates a Point-Based service category, which means the service is offered at a specific address, such as an office.

  4. Add the Service Title.

  5. If a Point-Based category was selected, enter the address where the service is provided.

  6. Select or add the correct inquiry phone number and extension.

  7. Select Next.

๐Ÿšจ Important - Creating Effective Service Titles

Service titles play a crucial role in the calendar, client referrals, and the organization's search system on Caredove.

  • Use the full name your organization provides for the service.

  • If the service does not have a name use the Caredove category name.

  • Use clear titles and avoid excessive short forms or abbreviations.

  • For services at unique addresses:

    • Each unique address requires a distinct service listing.

    • Add a location identifier to the end of the service name:

Is this service booking through Caredove Calendars?

  • Select Yes if this is a service where patients or team members can book appointments directly.

  • Select No if this service cannot be scheduled directly, but your organization may still receive referrals.

If you selected an Area-based (๐Ÿ ) service and selected No for Non-Bookable, you will be prompted to select a coverage area. Please see Configure Coverage Areas for a tutorial on how to edit and customize the coverage area.

Service Details Editing Template

Please note that some properties may only be visible when a specific Category is selected. For example 'Adult Day Programs' and 'Meals on Wheels' may populate unique listing options.

Target Population

Identify 1-2 clear target populations for each service (e.g., Caregivers, Alzheimer's/Dementia, Nutrition/Diet).

Can't find the correct Target Population? Send us a message using our chat box.

Service Status Message

Communicate important messages to the viewers of your service listing (80 characters max). For example:

  • Waitlisted for "x" months.

  • Program Full on Wednesdays.

  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Available.

Contact Information

Edit the Address, Inquiry Phone, TTY, Fax, Service Website, Inquiry Email, Inquiry Office Hours, and Hours of Operation.

Coverage Areas

A map will appear on the service editor for both Area and Point based services:

  • ๐Ÿ  Area-Based Services: has a configurable service map that can be edited. Please see Configure Coverage Areas for information on how to edit the coverage map.

  • Point-Based Services: The map will reflect the specific address input for this service. If the address is rural and not recognized by Google Maps learn how to manually override the location with latitude and longitude coordinates.

Service Description

Enter a clear service description that uses plain and simple language, and adequately describes the service being provided.

Therapy Services

Identify if specialized therapies are included in the service, for example, "Occupational therapy provided" or "Service includes an Occupational Therapist."


Specify the language(s) in which the service is offered. For additional languages not offered in our drop down, contact our team via the chat box.

Meal Options

Applicable if Category: Meals on Wheels or Adult Day Program is selected. Select the relevant meal and diet options available to clients.


Identify if your organization (or another entity) provides enhanced access to the service, particularly applicable to services like Adult Day Programs.


Specify the insurance that this service accepts, if relevant. e.g., for U.S. health care programs where insurance is required to participate.

Cost to client

Specify the individual session cost or the hourly fee for the service. Add 'No Cost' if the service is complimentary.

Eligibility Age Range

Specify the acceptable age group for participation or qualification.

Eligibility Criteria

Write eligibility criteria as clear and brief 'Yes' statements. For example:

  • Must be living with Alzheimer's or Dementia

  • Must be able to use the washroom independently


Add photos or visual elements to help clients easily recognize and remember your services, contributing to a more memorable and impactful impression.


Add videos if available. This will enable you to tell a story about your services, showcasing real-life scenarios, or testimonials.


Attach a PDF document to a service listing to enhance user understanding, providing detailed insights into the service's features, benefits, and procedures, and foster informed decision-making by potential clients.

Referral Methods

Enable Referrals

  • Direct Referrals Only: Non-booked with no appointment time or date.

  • Booked Referrals Only: The person booking the appointment selects a date and time.

  • Direct + Booked Referrals: Provide both options.

Connect with us via the chat box if you have questions.

Referral Sources

Select who can refer to the listing - Approved users of Caredove, or any client or member of the public with no login in addition to approved users of Caredove. This can also be changed in Settings > Referrals if you want to make this change to multiple service listings at the same time.

Selecting 'Any client or member of the public' is key to ensuring public clients can request services.

Referral Form

Select the appropriate form from the list of options available to your organization. Select the preview button to ensure the form adequately gathers the information you need.

  1. โญ๏ธ Recommended: Contact Information - Basic Form: this provides the bare minimum PHI without getting into just name and contact. Here, registrants can still provide address details. It's simple, clear, and to the point. This form makes it very simple for clients to request.

Your organization may have access to additional forms depending on your subscription.


If Referral Methods are set to 'Direct + Booked' or 'Booked' you will have the option to connect the service to a Calendar where specific date and time availability cand be shared. Select the appropriate Calendar from the list.

Contact us in the chat box if you would like to add a new Calendar or assist you in configuring availability.

Handout/ConfirmationEmail Footer Text

Customize the information in the confirmation email sent to the client.

To add an attachment in the confirmation email:
1. Upload the document to the service listing.

2. Copy the URL of this attachment by highlighting the title of the document, right click, and select 'Copy Link Address'.

3. Add this link into the 'URL' portion of the entire attachment link.

4. Add in the display text that will show in the 'Title of document/what you want the download link to say' field.

Template Link:

"<a href=URL>Title of document/what you want the download link to say</a>"

(remove quotations at either end)

Email Highlight Section

Check the box to include a highlight section in the confirmation and reminder emails sent to clients. This can include a Title, Content, and an action button that links to a URL of your choice.

Select Save to confirm all changes.

Ensure the listing is Active or Inactive

Ensure the Service Listing is Active (green dot ๐ŸŸข) if you are ready to share this service with a public audience, or Inactive (red dot ๐Ÿ”ด) if the service should not be visible to anyone but users with permission to edit services.

You can do this by entering the edit mode of the service listing and enabling the correct status from this drop down menu at the top of the page:

How to Edit an Existing Service Listing:

  • Navigate to the Listings page in the top menu.

  • Hover over any service to display the Edit function.

  • Select edit to open the editing page.

  • Or select view to preview the listing.

Service Listing FAQ's

๐Ÿ” Caredove Control

  • Caredove helps you maintains control over your listings, maintaining brand consistency and clarity of information

  • Administrators have full access to update listings (and we encourage you to add your own!).

Need Assistance?

Connect with us in the chat box on your Caredove system and we'll provide the support you need to optimize your service listings and streamline your service access process ๐Ÿ˜„

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