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Questions about service listings including viewing editing history and embedding services on your website.

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Common questions the Caredove team receives about Service Listings:

How can we format the text that appears on a Service Listing?

Answer: Markdown Formatting! We've shifted to using markdown for service descriptions because it offers users an easy-to-read syntax for formatting plain text. Here are the supported features:

  • **bold**

  • *italic*

  • ***bolditalic***

  • links: [link text](url)

  • images: ![alt text](image-url)

  • # Headings (1-6)

  • `code`

Here is a list of unsupported basic markdown features:

  • Ordered/unordered lists (due to line formatting concerns)

  • Blockquotes (removed for clarity)

Can I edit the contents of the confirmation email footer text and add attachments?

Yes, you can attach documents in the footer of the confirmation email. To do this, the document will need to be hosted/uploaded either on your own website or in the service listing itself. After uploading the document, you can use the URL from the uploaded document to create a download link in the footer of the confirmation email.

To add an attachment in the confirmation email on the service listing:
1. Upload the document to the service listing.

2. Copy the URL of this attachment by highlighting the title of the document, right click, and select 'Copy Link Address'.

3. Add this link into the 'URL' portion of the entire attachment link.

4. Add in the text that you want the attachment to display as in the 'Title of document/what you want the download link to say' field.

Template Attachment Link:

"<a href=URL>Title of document/what you want the download link to say</a>"

(remove quotations at either end)

Can I make a custom form to gather more details and information during intake?

Make sure to browse our Standard Form Library before requesting any form customizations. We may have an existing form that will meet your needs.

Custom forms are available for Advanced and Enterprise plans. Contact us via the chat box for customization; please provide an example form with intended questions and fields. Please note that form requests need approval as Caredove strives to include FHIR-recommended fields.

💡Tip: When suggesting a custom form it's essential to balance the need for information with user experience. Research and industry best practices suggest that shorter forms generally lead to higher completion rates.

I'd like to create a similar service but with a different geographical area or service address. How can I do this?

  • The most effective approach is to either create a completely new service or duplicate an existing one and modify essential details.

  • Duplicating an existing service is a convenient option, especially if the new service closely resembles an existing listing. Just be sure to update the address or geographical coverage accordingly; see Configure Coverage Areas for more information.

Why is it necessary to specify a service delivery area for in-home services like Meals on Wheels or other Area-Based Services?

  • These categories of care are centered around providing services directly in a person's home. Consequently, the primary office location becomes irrelevant.

  • The client's residence must be in alignment with the organization's service provision capabilities.

  • If a client resides outside the service delivery boundary, they won't be eligible for referrals from this organization. However, residing within the boundary allows them to submit a referral.

Is it possible to change a service from Area-based 🏠 to Point-based?

No, the Caredove system will not allow you to switch a service listing from point-based to area-based (or vice versa) because of the hardcoded search algorithm. To achieve his transition we recommend creating a new service listing with the desired specifications.

How much information should be included in a Service Listing?

Think of it like an elevator pitch; focus on the essentials that the client needs to know:

  • Where it's provided.

  • How to contact.

  • Service basics (precise details on what the service offers).

Here is an example of an impactful service listing:

Simplicity is key. We're here to help your organization strategize and can offer examples from other organizations. Reach out via our chat box to connect and discuss how to make your listing impactful.

How can we embed services on our organization's websites?

You can share your Caredove listings on your website via URL or an embedded HTML button. If you need assistance getting the right link or embed code, please contact us in our chatbox!

Why is My Service Unavailable for Booking Despite Correct Settings?

Despite enabling the correct settings, is your service not bookable? Or does it display as available on the search site but it's not available at your address during booking?

  • It's possible that an attempt was made to switch the listing category from point-based to area-based (or vice versa).

  • Please note that once a service listing is created, the original designation as Area-Based or Point-Based cannot be altered.

  • While we are considering this as a potential enhancement in the future, for now, the solution is to recreate the listing from scratch in the desired category.

How can I view changes that others have made to the service listing?

  • Navigate to Listings in the top menu

  • Hover over the listing name to reveal the edit button.

  • Select Edit.

  • Select View History at the bottom of the editor page.

How can I delete a Service Listing?

If the service is no longer offered, the listing can be deleted.

  • Navigate to Listings in the top menu

  • Hover over the listing name to reveal the edit button.

  • Select Edit.

  • Select Delete at the bottom of the editor page.

Need Assistance?

Connect with us in the chat box on your Caredove system and we'll provide the support you need to optimize your service listings and streamline your client referral process 😄

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