Configure Coverage Areas and Map

Learn how to edit coverage areas for area-based services.

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The Coverage Area feature is a flexible mapping tool that allows you to customize the geographical boundaries of your service(s).

  • When adding Area-based services (🏠), a coverage area must be determined.

  • When adding a Point-based service an address is identified instead of a coverage area.

💡 Services are created to be delivered at home (coverage area) or at a location (point-based). For example, personal support is delivered at home, therefore a coverage area is required for such an area-based service. A service can not be edited to become a point based service, if it was originally designed with a coverage area.


Create a geographic coverage area for a Service Listing

The coverage area editor will automatically appear when a new Area-based (🏠) service is created. Once in the editor:

  1. Open the drop-down on the left-hand side to select the type of area you want to add (Neighbourhood, Municipality, Region, Postal Code, etc.).

  2. Select the area you want to add and select Add to Service Area

  3. Once you've added all the required areas select Save.

Edit geographic coverage area for a Service Listing

When your organization changes service areas, you want to ensure that your Caredove map is updated as well to ensure that the correct clients are being referred to your services.

🚨 Important: Each Area-based (🏠) service listing needs to be updated individually.

  • Select Edit for the service you will be editing first.

  • Select Edit Coverage Area.

  • Open the drop-down on the left-hand side to select the type of area you want to add (Neighbourhood, Municipality, Region, Postal Code, Zip Code, County, etc.).

  • Select the area you want to add, and click Merge it with the service area.

  • Alternatively (or in addition to), you can click Enter drawing mode.

  • Once you've added all the required areas, scroll down and select Save.

  • If your other services have the same service area as this listing, you can scroll through the drop-down (mentioned in step three), and select This Organization wherein you can select the service area associated with one of your other service listings.

💡 Tip: Sometimes it's easier to start the coverage area from scratch. To do this select Refresh Building Area.

Drawing Mode Tips

  • Drawing mode allows you to add to the existing service area in a freehand mode to ensure full control over the service coverage area.

  • To begin drawing double-click your starting point and click for every corner/vertex you want in the coverage area.

  • To end the drawing you must meet back up with your initial point to create a completed shape.

Still not getting what you want? Contact us using the chat box! As Super Admins, the Caredove team has access to all sorts of tools to help you customize your listings.

Duplicate custom coverage areas across several listings

Caredove allows one to easily transfer a map from one service to another. This saves the time and hassle of drawing the same map for multiple listings.

Navigate to the listing and select the blue edit coverage area button.

  • To duplicate a custom coverage area, select This Organization from the dropdown menu on the left.

  • Select the service with the map you would like to use for this listing.

  • Select Add it to the service area and save.

Point-Based Services: adding latitude and longitude coordinates

Some locations in rural areas do not have proper physical addresses and don't appear on standard map platforms like Here Maps and Google Maps.

  • Manually override the address field to provide an accurate service location.

  • View Lat-Lng shows the current latitude and longitude for the service.

  • Edit Lat-Lng allows you to modify latitude and longitude.

Need Assistance?

Connect with us in the chat box on your Caredove system and we'll provide the support you need to optimize your service listings and streamline your client referral process 😄

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