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Organization Administrator: Learn how to modify user accounts.

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As an Organization Administrator, you can assign/edit permissions and suspend or deactivate accounts for the members of your organization. The permissions available in Caredove can be found here.

Change Permission:

To edit user accounts, navigate to Permissions in the top menu where members are listed with their current permission level.

To update someone's permission, hover over the user and select the 3-dot menu on the right. Select Change Permission, a box will appear that allows you to change their permissions. When the changes have been made, select Save at the bottom of the box. 

Suspend or Deactivate account:

In the Permissions tab, click on the user's name to visit their profile. Select Suspend or Deactivate Account which are found under the user's contact details in the left-hand side. Once deactivated/suspended, a red notice will appear near the user's name.

  • When to suspend? If a user is still employed at the agency but taking a leave of absence (e.g., medical leave, parental leave, sabbatical, etc.). NOTE: suspending an account does not remove their appointments. Use the Holidays/Breaks in the calendar to make sure their appointments are hidden while the employee is away.

  • When to deactivate? If a user is no longer employed at the organization or has moved to a role that will no longer require access to Caredove.

Re-activate or Restore account:

Select Re-activate or Restore Account, the account can now be accessed by the user.  

Note: Members can have multiple permissions at the same time (e.g. a Listings Manager and a Calendar Delegate).

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