As an Organization Administrator, you can assign permissions and suspend or deactivate accounts for the members of your organization. The permissions available in Caredove can be found here.

To edit user accounts, navigate to Permissions in the top menu.

Members are listed with their current permission level indicated. To update the user, hover over the user and select the 3-dot menu on the right. 

Change Permission:

Select Change Permission, a box will appear that allows you to change their permissions. When the changes have been made, select Save at the bottom of the page. 

Suspend or Deactivate account:

Select Suspend or Deactivate Account, a red notice will appear near the user's name.

  • When to suspend? If a user is still employed at the agency but taking a leave of absence for one reason of another (e.g., medical leave, parental leave, sabbatical, etc.) NOTE: suspending an account does not remove their appointments. Use the Holidays/Breaks in the calendar to make sure their appointments are hidden while the employee is away.

  • When to deactivate? If aa user is no longer employed at the organization or moved to a role that will no longer require access to Caredove.

Re-activate or Restore account:

Select Re-activate or Restore Account, the account can now be accessed by the user.  

Note: Members can have multiple permissions at once (e.g. a Listings Manager and a Calendar Delegate).

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