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Invite External Referrers

Invite people from other organizations to refer to your services.

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External Referrers can directly send booked referrals to your organization, eliminating insecure faxing and costly phone tag with patients.

As an Organization Administrator, you can invite external referrers by navigating to your Calendar in the top menu and selecting the External Referrers tab.

  1. Type the email address of the external referrer into the bar at the top and select Add External Referrer

  2. Fill in the name of the external referrer and select 'Another Organization' (the invited user will be prompted to specify their organization). 

  3. Review the message that will be sent to the external referrer. You may edit this message to add your own personal note.

  4. Select Invite at the bottom. 

So, what happens next?

The External Referrer will be sent an email invitation to Caredove. Once they activate the link, they will be able to register for Caredove. 

Note: Caredove is an invitation only platform. If you receive referrals outside of Caredove and would like that referrer to join, they must be invited. 

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