In Caredove, you can set outcomes (statuses) for the referrals in your inbox.  Learn how to configure your settings.

To set referral outcomes, navigate to Referrals in the top menu, displaying the Inbox tab. 

  1. Select the More Options button (3-dot menu) of the referral that you wish to set an outcome for.

  2. Select Update Status from the dropdown menu.

  3. Select the radio box beside "Closed" in the pop-over that appears. 

  4. Indicate the outcome (admitted, no show, wait listed etc.) of the appointment. 

  5. Select Save at the bottom. 

Tip: Not sure what outcome to use? Learn how to choose the appropriate outcome or add custom outcomes.

The outcome can also be set from the Outcome Icon:

Pro Tip: You may choose more than one outcome for a referral. Simply select Add Another Outcome before you save. 

Note: Outcomes can also be set from within the Calendar:

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