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Master Advanced Invitation Functions
Master Advanced Invitation Functions

Learn how to Edit, Resend, Expire, & Register invitations to registrants or families.

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After you invite a registrant, you're able to access advanced features to better manage the invitation itself.

These include editing the invitation, resending the invitation email, expiring the invitation manually before the automated expiry date (7 days after the invitation send date), and registering the invitation to transform it into a real referral.

You can access these by selecting the invitation itself, or hovering over the 3-dot menu and selecting one of the advanced function options (edit, resend, expire, register) or View Invitation, as you can see below.

Referral Inbox featuring advanced invitation functions


This function allows you, as a logged in user, to complete the referral for the client. 

Register invitation function

Why would you use this?

If the registrant is experiencing difficulties using the invitation and/or calls you to register instead of completing it over the phone.

How does it work?

As soon as you select it, you're brought to the first page in the referral form. After you submit the referral, it brings you to the full referral as it looks submitted, from there you should Add Consent and Book (if applicable) to complete the process.


This function resends the original invitation email and can be used to reactivate an expired invitation link. 

Resend Invitation Email button

Why would you use this?

If the registrant has lost/misplaced the original email and/or their invitation has expired.

How does it work?

As soon as you select it, the email is automatically sent to the client and the expiration date is reset to seven days from the resend date.


This allows you to edit the name and/or email address associated with the invitation. 

Edit invitation including email address

Why would you use this?

If there was an entry error on either of the fields on the original invitation.

How does it work?

As soon as you select it, the invitation pane opens up and is editable. You are then able to simply Save, if only the name needed to be edited. Or Save & Resend if the email address was edited to ensure the corrected email receives an invitation.


This allows you to manually expire the invitation prior to the system-generated expiration date. 

Manually expire invitations

Why would you use this?

If the registrant submits another referral via a different method i.e. through a sign-up link on your website, or the registrant no longer wishes to be connected to the service, or the service is no longer offered or is unexpectedly cancelled.

How does it work?

As soon as you select it, the invitation is expired so that any point after the link is selected they will not be able to complete the referral. Or, if they're in the process of submitting the referral, the referral will not be able to be submitted and they will be advised to contact your organization.

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