Invite a Registrant

Allow clients to book an appointment at their own convenience.

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If a client doesn't know their availability or it's not a convenient time to discuss follow-up appointments, they can book themselves into an appointment at a time that works for them. 

Via Referral Inbox

  1. Navigate to the Referrals tab and select the relevant option in the drop-down (i.e. Intake or Group Classes). 

  2. Move to the right hand side, hover over the Action button. 

  3. Select Invite a Registrant, then complete the information.

  4. Select Invite.

Via Favourites

  1. Navigate to Home in the top menu, and select the Favourites tab. 

  2. Select the Invite button of the required service, then complete the information.

  3. Select Invite.

Note: This functionality is currently limited to the services in your favourites list. Learn how to save a service as a favourite here

Once the client is invited, they will receive an email with a link that will direct them to a specific service in Caredove. They can then select an appointment time and complete the referral form. 

Tip: to improve security, you can choose to send the invitee an Invitation Code. 

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