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Configure Outcome Options

Select different Outcome Options when closing an appointment.

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If you are looking to track different outcomes from within your received referrals, think about adding Outcome Options. Outcome Options are captured when you choose to Update Status on select referrals. These can only be adjusted by an Organization Administrator or a Caredove staff member.

To configure the setting, navigate to Settings and select the relevant Calendar. Scroll past Calendar Settings, Email & Handout settings and Referral Options. 

Select Add Outcome Option to add additional information to your closed referral.  You can specify how you would like to collect the information: Check Box, Text Box, Number, Date, Heading, Single-Select (dropdown), or Multi-Select (checkboxes). The above features Check Box. 

Once you've selected the field type and entered the appropriate values, scroll to the bottom and select Save

After you've added the rest of the options you need, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the green Save button to save all of your changes.

Note: Once the referral has been closed, the Outcome Option can be viewed from within the referral in the Feedback section. 

Pro Tip: you can edit, remove, or move around the options at any time by using the three icons at the right of the option. The white arrow button can be clicked and dragged to change the order of the options. The pen is used to edit, and the x is used to remove the option altogether.

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