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Understand Referral Options

These options are included in the referral from as selectable checkboxes.

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Referral Options are used to gather more information regarding the clients or patients you are providing service to, for example, asking if they have used the service before, or if they require transportation. 

To start, navigate to Settings and select the relevant Calendar. Scroll past Calendar Settings, Email & Handout settings and Appointment Options. You can easily edit existing referral options (using the pen icon) and add new ones, as discussed below.

Select Add Referral Options, from here, you can specify how you would like to collect the information: Check Box, Text Box, Number, Date, Heading, Single-Select (dropdown), or Multi-Select (checkboxes).  The top video displays what a Check Box referral option looks like within the referral form. 

Field Title Codes: This is the code that will be used to label this field in data reports. Create a code of your choosing, similar to the Field Title. Only lowercase values, numbers, -dashes- and _underscores_ are permitted.

Code Values: The same process applies as for Field Title Codes. Create a unique code using the above criteria.

Here is an example of the correct use of these codes:

Note: Selecting Office Use Only will hide the referral option from anyone outside of your organization. 

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