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Understand the Referral Raw Data Report
Understand the Referral Raw Data Report

Learn what each column's data means so you can better analyze your organization's information.

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Before we take a dive into the columns and their definitions, here's a reminder about where to find this report.

  • Navigate to Reports in your top menu, and from there select either the Spreadsheet: Inbound Referral Raw Data or the Spreadsheet: Outbound Referral Raw Data.

  • The Inbound version will display all referrals received in your organization's referral inbox.

  • The Outbound version will display all referrals sent from staff at your organization (visible in your referral outbox).

Once you've selected the criteria you want to download such as the custom time period etc. you can use the below table to help you understand the data contained within your sheet.

Include Open Appointments

In some contexts, you may want to see more than just booked referrals. You can also include data about open appointments in this report.

Select the Submitted Date dropdown and switch to Appointment Date, then you can check off 'Open Time Slots' to include that data as well.

Note: using Appointment Date as the time filter, the data will only contain referrals whose appointment dates fall within the identified time period. For example, if you pulled by Appointment Date for April 1 - April 30, if you sent a referral on April 29, but its appointment is on May 2nd, you will not see this referral included in the data.

Report Columns

Column Title


Data Example

Reference #

The unique identifier generated with every referral created in Caredove.


Group Appointment #

A unique identifier associated with a group appointment. There can be many referrals associated to one group appointment.


Parent Reference #

When a referral is routed or referred again, the originating referral is the Parent. Where a Parent Reference # exists, the referral in question is the Child (or second) referral. If this field is blank, the referral exists as a standalone. This column helps you to find related referrals for the same client.


Date/Time Invited

If a referral originates through an invitation, then this field contains the date and time of the invitation.

2020-06-06 03:15 PM

Date/Time Submitted

The date and time that a referral originated (was submitted or booked)

2020-06-08 04:33 PM

Month Submitted

The month that a referral originated.

Jun, 2020

Date/Time of Appointment

If a referral has been booked, then this field contains the date & time of the appointment.

2020-06-08 03:30 PM

Month of Appointment

The month of the appointment date.

Jun, 2020

Duration (min)

The length of the appointment (if booked).



The current state of the referral, either Invited, Submitted, Booked or Closed.


Sub Status Classification

The defined state of the referral used to better describe the workflow state the referral is currently in.


Sub Status

A defined sub-status that can be applied to referrals while in the "Submitted" or "Booked" or "Closed" status. Customizable.


Provider Names

The name of the user who is assigned to the appointment.

Gwen Stevens

Provider Account Organization

The organization name of the user who is assigned to the appointment. I.e their employer

Organization A

Service Organization

The organization that provides the service.

(In some instances, this column will be blank or display **)

Organization A = sent by Caredove user

Blank = Public Sign-up

** = Open Appointment


The calendar in which this service belongs to, within the service organization.


Service Option

The Caredove Category & the selected service's given name.

Meals on Wheels: Hot Meal Delivery

Service Selected

The given name for the service.

Hot Meal Delivery

Service Selected Category

The Caredove Category for the service.

Meals on Wheels

Other Services Categories Selected

If other services are selected at the time of the referral, they will be listed here.

Adult Day Program

Other Services Categories Count

The number of other services requested, displayed numerically.


Requester Name

If a referrer notes that they are sending the referral on behalf of someone else (requester) the name of requester will be found here.

Amelie Lepine

Requester Organization

If a referrer notes that they are sending the referral on behalf of someone else (requester) the name of requester's organization will be found here.

Local Hospital

Requester Job Title

If a referrer notes that they are sending the referral on behalf of someone else (requester) the job title of the requester will be found here.

Discharge Planner

Sender Name

Referrer name

Selena Lu

Sender Organization

Referrer organization

Organization B

Sender Job Title

Referrer job title

Intake Specialist

Sender Tags


Sender IP

IP Address of the referral sender.


How the appointment is conducted. Options include: Phone Call to Registrant, Home-Visit, On-Site or custom.

Phone call to registrant

Sent Via

The method in which the referral is sent. Options include: Online Submission, Fax, Other.

Online Submission

Primary Outcome

A defined sub-status that can be applied to referrals while in the "Closed" status. Customizable. If blank, the referral is not in the "Closed" status.


Other Outcome Services

Other services requested during referral submission.

Adult Day Program

Other Outcomes

Selected outcome (closed sub-status) when closing an appointment for an additional service.


Date/Time Created

When the appointment (or appointment series) was created by the provider organization.

2020-06-08 08:59 AM

Date/Time Completed

Date and Time the outcome was set. If no outcome set, field will be blank.

2020-06-08 04:34 PM

Date/Time Recorded

The manually entered date the user sets to override the default submission date (optional)

2020-06-08 04:33 PM

Last Updated

The last date/time that the referral was edited/updated

2020-06-08 04:30 PM

Source URL

Where the referral originated from (typically a link within Caredove, or WebBuilder)


A referral option that was custom created for this organization (captured during submission/initial booking)



An outcome option that was custom created for this organization (captured when updating the referral to a Closed state)


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