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Review Service Requests Inbox

View, access and update the status of referrals and public service requests

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Receiving referrals and service requests is easy. We break it down for you below. 

Navigate to Referrals in the top menu and select the Inbox tab. You can view all of your received referrals here. 

Using the 3-dot menu, choose from any of the options available.  Or, you can choose to open the Referral by simply selecting if from the list. The same menu items are available for your use within the Referral.

Menu Options


View Referral

View full referral including all details

View Contact Info

Quickly view all registrant details including name, phone number, email +

Mark as Unread

Remove the 'new' label from the referral

After completing the intake appointment, close the loop for the referrer

Add a one-way record of additional referral details

Allows the referrer and the provider to communicate back and forth within the referral

Copies client info to make to easier to refer them to a second service

Route (Premium Action)

Facilitates sending an originating referral (typically a Central Intake referral) to a provider at another agency

Removes a referral from your calendar and inbox so that only active referrals remain

Change the registrant's appointment time

Select from the the providers who will complete the intake appointment

Cancel the appointment time slot


Generate a PDF copy of full referral details

Copy to Clipboard

Copy full referral details to paste elsewhere such as in your CMS or EMR

Print Handout

Generate a PDF copy of basic referral details (primarily appointment)

Resend Confirmation

Resend a confirmation email to the client to ensure they receive appointment detail (optional)

Send Reminder

Manually send a reminder email about the appointment to the client

Edit the registrant's Personal Health Information (PHI)

Cancel the appointment and removes the registrant's personal information

Note: As the provider you can make lots of changes, and in most cases both the referrer and the registrant will be notified. 

If you have more questions, send our team a message via our chat box.

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