Revoke a Referral

Did you send or receive a Referral in error? Use Revoke to remove the PHI.

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🚨 Important: Revoking a referral is a permanent action, as it involves the deletion of client PHI from the system, and this data cannot be recovered.

To Revoke and remove Personal Health Information (PHI)

  1. Navigate to Referrals in the top menu.

  2. Select Inbox if you're revoking a referral you received, or select Outbox if you're revoking a referral you sent.

  3. Navigate to the right side of the appointment you want to Revoke, and select the 3-dot menu. 

  4. Select Revoke and enter the information as requested.

  5. Select Permanently Delete.

When to use Revoke

  • You have accidentally sent the wrong referral to another organization.

  • Revoking a booked appointment will also notify the registrant that the appointment has been revoked so they can reschedule.

When to use Unbook

  • Use the 'Unbook' option to cancel a scheduled appointment.

  • Use 'Refer again' if you need to rebook their appointment

  • Then navigate to the appropriate Caredove search site

When to use Reschedule

  • Use the 'Reschedule' option if you would like to reschedule the appointment

  • Please note: Rescheduling will allow you to reschedule with any provider of the service, and not necessarily the originally scheduled provider.

Need Assistance?

Connect with us in the chat box on your Caredove system and we'll provide the support you need to optimize your service listings and streamline your client referral process 😄

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