Open the Referral Inbox

Navigate to your inbox to view your waiting referrals.

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Viewing your referrals is important so you can edit or prepare for upcoming appointments.

Start by navigating to Referrals in the top menu, displaying the Inbox tab.

All of your referrals will be displayed in an inbox. The most recently received are displayed, by default, at the top. You can also sort the referrals in other ways, for example by unread referrals. You can do so by selecting the relevant heading. If you have not yet viewed the referral information, it will be bolded and marked "new".

Selecting a referral will bring you to the Referral Information page. There you can download a copy of the referral and unlock to view the registrant's details.

There are many other actions regarding your received referrals such as editing, rescheduling or assigning a provider. Learn more.

Tip: Assign a Referral Outcome to your closed appointments.

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