Refer Internally

Book or send a referral within your organization.

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There are numerous ways to book a referral internally (sending a referral to another member of your organization). 

From the Referral Inbox or Outbox

  1. Navigate to Referrals and hover over the blue Action button on the top right of the Referral Inbox or Outbox. 

  2. From the drop down, select Add Internal Referral. 

  3. Select the appropriate calendar, then select the service. If the service is bookable, a list of all available appointment times will appear. 

From your Organization's Search Site 

  1. Navigate to Home, select Dashboard tab. 

  2. Under Recently Visited Search Sites, or Recommended Search Sites, select the block that represents your Organization.

  3. Once on the search site, enter the client address, and select the relevant service. 

  4. Complete the booking process as normal. 

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