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Log a faxed referral in Caredove
Log a faxed referral in Caredove

Track your faxed referrals in your Caredove Referral Inbox alongside all your other received referrals.

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While you have adopted a streamlined and secure referral workflow with Caredove, some referrers may continue to send you referrals via fax. Learn how to log these referrals in your Caredove Referral Inbox so you can manage all inbound referrals from a single view.

From the Referral Inbox or Outbox

  1. Navigate to Referrals and hover over the blue Action button on the top right of the Referral Inbox or Outbox.

  2. From the drop down, select Add Internal Referral.

  3. Select the appropriate calendar, then select the service. If the service is bookable, a list of all available appointment times will appear.

  4. Complete the referral form as required, based on the information you received from the faxed referral.

  5. Below the consent section, you will see a new option where you can modify the Requester field. Select Somebody Else. This allows you to track the person who sent you the faxed referral, so you can easily follow up with them if there are questions regarding this client's file.

  6. Enter the requester's information, including their name, phone number and organization. Add the email if you have it.

  7. Adjust the submission date to match the date on the fax, if you are catching up on faxes that were received before today.

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