Referral inboxes can get, well, full of referrals. Finding a specific one quickly can be important, for example, when a client calls wanting a reminder when their appointment time is.

Start by navigating to Referrals in the top menu, displaying the Inbox tab. 

  1. Select the advanced search box located at the top right. 
  2. Search by entering one of the following: Recipient (To), Sender (From), Registrant Initials, Registrant Identifier, Reference #, Service, Organization, Birthdate. 
  3. The Referral Inbox will display all the referrals that match your search query. From here, you can easily access the referral you need.

Pro Tip: Click into the search bar to see what's searchable.

Note: Only people with permissions to view Personal Health Information (PHI) can see the registrant's full name. Others only see the registrant’s initials. You can also search the Outbox in the exact same manner.

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