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Updating Caredove Forms
Updating Caredove Forms

This article covers the process for requesting form changes and frequently asked questions about form changes.

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Changing the form on your service listing

All organizations have access to many forms through Caredove's Standard Form Library. You may also have access to additional forms if you are part of a specialized regional initiative. You can customize the form for each of your service listings:

  1. Click Edit on the desired service listing

  2. Scroll to the eReferral Information section

  3. Choose a form from the Referral Form dropdown

  4. Preview the form by clicking the preview button to the right

  5. Once the desired form has been selected, click Save

💡 Note: Organizations on the Essential (no cost) subscription cannot request changes to forms within the Standard Form Library.

Request Form Changes

If you need to make changes to your forms, please use the in-app chat and ask to speak to one of the Caredove team members. We will ask that you provide:

  • The name of the form that you're requesting to change, or the name of the service that the form is connected to

  • The exact details of the request

  • Any language considerations

Once we receive this information, we will assess your request to determine its complexity:

  • Small changes: Quick and easy changes like some wording adjustments or adding/removing simple questions, we will implement them right away.

  • Large changes: Larger or more complicated change requests may require a further assessment by our team members. Once all requests have been confirmed, we will provide timelines for completion.

Caredove uses Form Design Best Practices when creating or editing any form.

Form Change FAQs

How do I know which forms my organization is using?

Organization Administrators can easily identify which forms are in use:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Select Referrals.

  3. View the Service Table which will display Referral Form names and the Service Listings the forms are connected to.

It is also possible to see the names of forms from the Service Listings module in Edit mode.

💡 Note: Depending on your Caredove subscription, your organization may have access to standard library forms, custom forms built specifically for you, or custom forms based on your participation in a regional initiative or Network.

Who can request form changes?

Form changes can be requested by Organization Administrators, or anyone with permission from an Organization Admin. We can only make changes to forms your organization has customized, and we cannot guarantee changes if the form belongs to a regional initiative.

Are forms available in French or other languages?

We offer language variations on forms. The process is as follows:

  1. Finalize Form in English: Work with our team to ensure the form is complete and finalized in English first.

  2. Export Form Fields: Our team will export all form fields onto a shared spreadsheet.

  3. Language Translation: Our team will apply machine-generated Google translation in your language of choice (e.g., French). Your organization is then responsible for validating the translated copy or providing your own unique translations for each form element directly on the shared spreadsheet.

  4. Create French Version: Our team will re-upload the spreadsheet to our Form Builder to apply the translated copy.

💡 Note: If you have a multi-lingual form, change requests need to be provided in all applicable languages.

Can we make form change requests if our system is integrated with a CMS or EMR?

If your Caredove system is integrated with a Case Management System (CMS) or other system(s), form change requests may need to comply with integration guidelines. Our team will check for any integration dependencies when we receive a form change request.

What subscription level do we need to request form changes?

To customize your Caredove forms library, organizations need to have an Advanced Subscription. Your organization's annual invoice will state the number of forms and language options available.

Can I apply conditional logic or advanced actions to my forms?

Yes, advanced custom forms with features such as conditional logic are available as add-ons to a Caredove advanced subscription plan. Learn more about our custom forms here and speak to Sales if you would like a quote on an advanced form solution.

Our team is here to help with any questions about new forms or form changes 😄

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