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Integrate your Zoom Account to Caredove

Learn how to connect your virtual meeting account to send unique virtual meeting links with your calendar appointments.

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All steps listed within this document are important to consider when setting up your Zoom integration for the first time. This article covers:

Please note that organizations on our Advance + subscription plans have access to this feature, however, the setting must be activated by the Caredove team. If you're interested in enabling this setting, please contact our team using the Chat Box.

Steps to connect Zoom Account

Important ❗️ ensure you follow ALL steps:

  1. From the Dashboard, select Connections

  2. Select + Connect Zoom Account

  3. Enter your Zoom Account Credentials in the pop-up window

4. Authorize Caredove to have access to your Zoom account

5. The smaller window will reload and then close; please wait until this happens, as it will prompt your normal window to reload, saving the connection.

6. Now, select 'Connections' from the menu bar and you should visually see your zoom link is connected, beside the option to disconnect the integration.

7. Next, navigate to a calendar wherein you have Calendar Provider or Calendar Delegate Permissions.

8. Select existing virtual availability, or create new virtual availability by selecting + New Entry.

9. Within the availability pop-up navigate to the Location field.

10. Change the Location field to "Zoom - [First Name] [Last Name]". If this is your first time setting up availability please refer to Managing Appointment Availability.

Note: If you are unable to select your Zoom virtual appointment from the drop down (shaded or not listed), try signing out and in again to troubleshoot.

11. Select Create

12. Now, all availability or booked appointments using the Zoom integration will display a computer icon.

13. Now your appointments are ready to be booked! If you want to book your own slot:

  • Select the slot

  • Select the blue Book button on the pop-up

  • Enter the client's information on the Referral form

  • Select Finish to submit and confirm

Zoom Overview Video

Access Zoom link before facilitating appointment

Helpful instructions for Providers before their meeting:

  1. Got to your Calendar

  2. Select the Booked meeting or appointment within the calendar, and a pop-up will appear with the exact Zoom link.

  3. Select View Referral

  4. Scroll to the Appointment section on the Referral to view the Zoom link

  5. Click on the Zoom link to initiate the meeting

  6. You are always able to start the meeting directly from your Zoom application as well.

    • Booked appointments appear displaying the client's initials and their selected service.

💡 Pro Tip: Learn about Teleconference Best Practices

Clickable Zoom link from Referral view:

Access Zoom link from the Zoom App:

Clients Access to Zoom Links

  • When a client is going to book the service, they will see the location displayed as "🖥️ Zoom - [First Name] [Last Name]" on the first page of the referral form.

  • Clients see Zoom link details on the confirmation page after booking their appointment.

  • Clients receive a Confirmation email that includes a Join the Meeting button which will open and initiate the Zoom meeting

Clients view of Referral Form:

Client Confirmation Page:

Client Email Confirmation:

Uninstall Zoom Integration

  1. Login to your Caredove account and navigate to your Home dashboard.

  2. Select Edit Profile.

  3. Navigate to Virtual Meetings > select - Disconnect

  4. Confirm that you want to disconnect by selecting Disconnect Zoom.

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