When you navigate to your referral inbox, you will notice that there are Workflow icons displayed on each referral. 

Green icons indicate that there is an action that needs to be completed.  An icon may not be relevant to your workflow. For example, you never download referrals, and so seeing this green icon is a distraction.

If you would like to remove some of these icons from your referral inbox, navigate to Settings in the top menu and select Referrals from the drop down. 

  1. Scroll to the "Workflow Action Icons" field. 

  2. Uncheck the boxes of the icons that you don't want displayed in your referral inbox. The changes you make here will automatically save in Caredove. 

Note: If all are selected to appear in the referral inbox, once the Outcome Icon has been processed it will change to the Archive Referral Icon. 

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