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Configure Custom Statuses & Flags
Configure Custom Statuses & Flags

The referral inbox has the ability to track outcomes and sub-settings; each can be customized for your organization.

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Navigate to Settings  in the top menu, select Workflow.

Workflow Icons

Learn about the Workflow Icons here. Workflow icons appear on the referral inbox to add visual indicators of what's included in the referral.


Below that, you will see Submitted/Booked Status which happens when a referral is initially submitted or booked. Sub-statuses within either of these states are used to capture what's happening to the referral prior to closing it. This is why in progress, hold, and wait listed are a few of the pre-existing options. Want more options? Select Add Custom Status and craft your own! 📝

Not sure what Classification means? Learn more here.

Invited and Invitation Expired are platform-wide sub-statuses used when a registrant has been invited to book an appointment in Caredove, like so: 

Below that, you will see Closed Status. These are used when submitting an end-state status for a referral. There's a multitude of platform-wide sub-statuses that can be turned on or off with the toggle button, based on your needs. Custom sub-statuses can easily be created as well. If the status is turned off, it will not appear as an outcome selection.


The flag feature can be used to identify certain referrals, and is comparable to the flags used in Outlook. They provide a clear visual to identify something of importance regarding each referral. They can be customized to meet your needs and are displayed and adjusted in the referral inbox.

To add/remove a workflow flag, click on the icon under the Status column.

Please note: When adding a new flag to the end of the list existing referrals will be unaffected. If the order is rearranged with existing flagged referrals the flags will not retain the status and will be updated to reflect the new corresponding value.

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