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Sharing Unfilled Ride Requests

Learn how to share unfilled ride requests so clients can get to their destinations.

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If a client requires a ride to get to a destination, and a driver can't meet the request, an unfilled ride request can be posted on Caredove.

To share an unfilled ride request, navigate to the Calendar in the top menu, displaying the Appointments tab. 

1. Select the + button beside the date of the unfilled ride. A box will appear that allows you to fill in the ride information. 

2. Enter the ride information as indicated in the photo below. Enter the appointment time (e.g. Doctor's Appointment that the client is going to) and fill in the duration of the appointment. 

3. Check the boxes that pertain to your client. Ensure that you have indicated the clients name, the nature of the appointment time, the client's gender and the transfer type. 

4. Fill in the location of the client and indicate the type of service (local trip, GTA trip etc). 

5. Select Create at the bottom to save the ride information.

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