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Changing Calendar Time Zones

Learn how to set a different time zone for your Calendar(s) in Caredove.

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Setting the correct time zone in your Calendar(s) in the Caredove platform ensures accurate scheduling and coordination of care services across different regions​​.

Note: Only Organization Administrators can edit these Calendar settings. If you need access to this feature, please contact your Organization Administrator to discuss a permissions change.

To change the time zone for a Calendar at your organization, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings in the top menu, then select the appropriate Calendar.

    1. Note: you can choose different time zones for individual Calendars.

2. In the Calendar's settings, look to the "Time Zone" section.

3. Choose the appropriate time zone from the drop down menu that appears.

4. Make sure you hit save in the top right corner once you have made this change!

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