Prevent Last Minute Bookings

Organization Administrators can conceal appointment times by adjusting the Lead Time.

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As a service provider, you may want to avoid being booked at the last minute. The settings within Caredove can be altered so that appointment time slots can be hidden a certain amount of hours before the start time.

To configure these settings, navigate to Settings in the top menu, and select the specific Calendar you want to hide time slots for (i.e. Intake or Meal Delivery). Note that these options will be listed directly under the Calendar option.

  1. Navigate to Lead Time

  2. Change the default of zero hours to the amount of hours you would like the appointment to be hidden before the start time (ex. 24 or 48). 

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save

Note: This is a calendar-specific setting that applies to all services within the calendar you've selected. 

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