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Enable the Public to Sign-Up

Learn how to enable the public to sign-up for services.

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Caredove enables organizations to specify all the services that the public can directly “Sign Up”. 

When someone is, for example, motivated to stop smoking, that might be the moment they are also willing to sign up for a class. Sure, referrals for this service are welcome, but you also want to enable the public to directly access the service.

To turn on “Sign Ups”, navigate to Settings in the top menu, and select Referrals from the drop down menu. 

To enable Sign Ups:

  1. Navigate to Settings and select Referrals from the drop down. 

  2. Scroll to the Service Table found at the bottom, and use the pen icon to edit. 

  3. Select Yes under the Sign Ups Enabled column.

To increase sign ups from a website, contact us through our chat feature to get a service request link!

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