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Organization Administrator - Removing a patient's Personal Health Information (PHI) from Caredove.

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Caredove treats a patient’s Personal Health Information (PHI) with great care to keep it secure. There is no need for Caredove to continue to store the patient's information after the receiving agency obtains it and the patient is connected with service. So, we delete the PHI at a time that makes sense for the receiving agency. 

Caredove users with the Organizational Administrator role can set the retention period. This can be set 4 ways:

  • at the end of the day that the referral has been downloaded online

  • immediately after it has been downloaded online

  • on the appointment date (date of download for referrals without appointments)

  • a select number of days after the appointment date, to a maximum of 90 days. Note: If your needs are greater than 90, please reach out to your Privacy Officer to have this discussion and contact Caredove to assist you

To manage this setting, navigate to Settings in the top menu and select the Referrals tab. 

  1. Notice the File Retention Rule section. 

  2. Select the setting that will become your organization’s default data retention period.

  3. By default this will be set to 7 days, or the length of time indicated in your organization's invoice. If you require an extension on this period, send us a message so that we can connect you with our Sales team.

This setting enables organizations to keep PHI with Caredove long enough to ensure the referral is processed. This might be for a few days after the initial assessment, or a few weeks until an administrative staff member has processed the information – whatever works for the agency. 

Note: We don’t delete everything about the referral, just the PHI. The registrant's initials always stay connected with the referral.
Additional Information about PHI's Automatic Deletion.

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