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Master the CHRIS Integration

Learn how to find and use the CHRIS integration to send referrals to Caredove.

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Watch the tutorial video below to see the full process, or scroll down to see us walk through it in images.

Note: the below video shares the 1.0 version of the integration which is being replaced by 2.0 across the province. Refer to the written steps below to view the most current referral process.

1. Open CHRIS and navigate to a client's profile. From there, select the action menu and pick Caredove. Then select GO.

2. Caredove will open in a new window which you should Maximize to make it easier to navigate.

3. Select your preferred Search Site.

4. Select the care category you wish to connect the client with. Note that the client's address has pre-populated based on the client's profile.

4. Select the chosen service, and select the Book Now or Refer Now buttons.

5. Pick the time slot, if applicable.

6. Confirm eligibility on the first page of the form.

7. Review the second page of the form, all information will be pre-populated by the client's profile.

8. Confirm consent and select Finish to submit the referral.

9. On the confirmation page, select Copy/Paste to copy the referral information to paste into CHRIS. Then select Copy to Clipboard to finish this process.

10. Once you've copied to the clipboard, close or minimize the Caredove window to return to CHRIS. There you will want to be under the Notes section of a client's referral.

11. Paste into the Notes section, then categorize and classify the note.

12. Save the note and you are done.

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