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All you need to know as a Caredove Referrer: How to search+book+connect & other important features.

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As a Caredove Referrer, you connect patients with care. Sending referrals will be your main function on the platform. Let's get started! 

Send your first Referral

Navigate to Home and select the Search Site you wish to search within. 

  1. Select the category of service, and enter the registrant's full address before selecting Search. This will populate the most relevant search results. 

  2. Select Book Now on the service to make an eReferral.

If the agency has appointment time slots, they will appear in the pop-up. If they don't, you will see a button that says Refer Now

By selecting either a time slot, or the Refer Now button, you will be brought to the booking wizard. Ensure you enter the information correctly, and navigate through the wizard until you can select Finish. This will automatically send an email to the appointment provider and the registrant (if provided), indicating that a referral has been submitted. If the appointment was booked into a particular date and time, that information will be included.

If you would like to add some extra information to your referral, you can achieve this by adding an internal note, or by sending a message to the provider. Learn more.

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